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Taiwan Church News
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Taiwan Church Press

3284 Edition

Feb 2 - 8, 2015

Headline News




Say Yes To God - Become A Loyal Servant




Reported by Lin Chia-jin





To celebrate the 150th anniversary of PCT's mission in Taiwan, the third missionary conference, entitled as "Become A Loyal Servant", is held from Feb 2nd to 5th at Taiwan Biblical College. About 100 PCT pastors and elders attend this seminar. Rev. John McCall, the stationed missionary from PCUSA, is invited to deliver a keynote speech for this conference. "It is God say yes to us first, then we are able to say yes to God", says Rev. McCall, as each loyal servant responds to God's calling from her/his baptism. In order to witness love and justice of the Kingdom of God, McCall emphasizes that Christian is called by God to start her pilgrimage of faith to enter this world with His Words and Deeds.




McCall says, when many Taiwanese people ask him: why he want to leave USA and come to Taiwan as a missionary?, he always replies: "Before I leave USA, God has 100% loved me. I did not come for he would love me more and special. I come because I want to respond God's love and be obedient to Him". Many Christians used to live and separate a life between the holy and the secular, observes McCall, but the teachings of the Bible show us there is no such difference existed! Christians have to be loyal to Jesus Christ in every fronts of life. McCall reminds the pastors and the elders to live an integrated ecclesiastic life, a good health and a happy family can not be absent from the heavy church ministry.




Rev. Lo Ren-quei, Moderator of PCT Assembly, encourages the participating members to imitate the obedient lives of biblical figures: Maria, Joseph and Paul. For the sake of good news, urges Rev. Lo, we Christians should follow the spirit of Maria, "Let it be with me according to your words!", when the angel declared her destiny; take up the wisdom from the life of Joseph and Paul's ministry when the unexpected troubles occurred: "Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be defrauded?". Rev. Lo reminds the audience that to be a loyal servant starts from an obedient mind to follow our Lord Jesus.




Translated by Peter Wolfe




Rev. John McCall (upper right) delivers a keynote speech on becoming a loyal servant.

Through Open Space Technology(OST), PCT pastors and elders discuss the problems in mission and propose solutions for action in the missionary conference.


Photo by Lin Chia-jin

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Taiwan Church News

3283 Edition

January 26 - February 1, 2015

Headline News




Tainan Church Day, A Joint Effort Between PCT And Tainan City Government To Commemorate Church Mission Initiated From Tainan And Beyond




Reported by Chen Yi-hsuan from Tainan





In order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of PCT mission in Taiwan, October 24 and 25 in 2015 is planned as Tainan Church Day by PCT General Assembly. And seven events, for example like memorial services and thematic shows, are scheduled to invite Tainan citizens and PCT members back to the initial time and space of Taiwan's evangelical mission. In the afternoon on January 21, Rev. Zeng Wen-ren, Chief Operation Officer of the celebration committee for the 150th anniversary of PCT mission, together with many PCT pastors, pay their visit to Tainan City Mayor Lai Chin-der in the Sin-ying District government center, and present a brief about the two-days' events of Tainan Church Day to invite all Tainan citizens to be part of this hilarious celebration.




The idea of Tainan Church Day is actually illuminated by the renown Deutscher Evangelisher Kirchentag(DEK), which began from 2003 in Berlin and gained a big success henceforth as a Church Unity Day between Catholics and Christians. DEK was also initiated as a German Christian movement after WWII about 66 years ago, and intended to find how out the social roles of Christians within that contemporary German society. In 2011, when PCT was invited to take part into the 33rd DEK, entitled as "Spiritual Care and Social Responsibility", 2 minutes long of clapping applauds at the end of concluding service gave an impressive experience to PCT representatives and proved a strong affirmation for such church engagement with the public society.




Reference to the motivation and achievement of DEK, PCT celebration committee of the 150th anniversary of PCT mission chooses Tainan, the initiating place where the church missionaries contacted Taiwan, as the most suitable place to commemorate the beginning of gospel in Taiwan and hope to cooperate with Tainan City Government to set up a Tainan Church Day with two-days' activities. Rev. Lo Ren-quei, PCT General Assembly Moderator, says that Tainan is a city with remarkable significance in Taiwan history: she is not only the beginning city of the gospel in Taiwan, but also the most friendly city to receive many PCT churches and institutes. Through the joint efforts to celebrate Tainan Church Day, Rev. Lo hopes PCT hopes to maintain such good and historical partnership between PCT and Tainan City.




Rev. Lyim Hong-tiong, PCT General Secretary, reveals that because at the 4:00 p.m. on October 25, 2015, PCT will hold a thanks-giving and missionary sending service for the 150th anniversary PCT mission, which is scheduled to be the climax of the two-days event of Tainan Church Day, Rev. Christopher Ferguson(Secretary of WCRC) and Mr Lai Chin-der (Tainan City Mayor) will be invited as PCT's special guests to witness this historical moment!




Translated by Peter Wolfe





Left: From Rev. Lo Ren-quei(PCT General Assembly Moderator, Left) and Rev. Lyim Hong-tiong(PCT General Secretary, Right), Mr Lai Chin-der(Tainan City Mayor, Center), receives PCT's souvenir key ring and tour guide pamphlet for the 150th anniversary of PCT mission in Taiwan at Sin-ying District Government Center on January 21, 2015.


Rght: Mr Lai Chin-der takes photograph with PCT pastors to promote a two-days event of Tainan Church Day scheduled to be held from October 24 to 25, 2015.


Photo by Chen Yi-hsuan


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Taiwan Church News

3282 Edition

January 19 - 25, 2015

Headline Mews




PCT Worries About The Accelerating Shrinkage Of Taiwan's Mother Tongnues




Reported by Simon Lin




From January 13 to 15, associated with Suan-lien Presbyterian Church, PCT's Promote Taiwan's Mother Tongues Committee(PTMTC) invites PCT presbyteries across the island to hold a pilot teacher seminary for the Taiwan Holo language and Peh-oe-ji in Taipei. As the registered members attending this seminary are no more than 30 people, many participating members worries that PCT, used to be renown for her fluent mother tongue in mission, service and education, would lose the battle to preserve one of the most treasured gift favored by God - our versatile mother tongues.



Rev. Du Chien-sün, Director of PTMTC, solemnly warns a deteriorating language dementia under way in PCT: against the fact that most young Holo pastors can not deliver a fluent sermon in Holo language and an increasing number of Elders can not read Peh-oe-ji Bible, more and more juvenile youth and Sunday School children can only speak or read the Mandarin Chinese within church. Rev. Du criticizes current language scenarios within PCT is a big problem: boasting PCT's identity with Taiwan culture and languages on the one hand, yet giving no priority to apply Peh-oe-jih Romanization within church ministries.




Therefore, after this pilot teacher seminary, several proposals are suggested to enhance the education of Taiwan's mother tongues in PCT: (1) General Assembly should establish a clear language policy on this island; (2) To facilitate the scholar studies about Taiwan Holo language, a list of standard characters or words for Taiwan Holo and Peh-oe-ji should be set up; (3) "the Holo language" should changed her name back as "the Taiwanese language" ; (4) Help new immigrants to learn the Taiwanese language and etc.




Translated by Peter Wolfe




From January 13 to 15 in 2015, associated with Suan-lien Presbyterian Church, some PCT pastors and elders attend the pilot teacher seminary for the Taiwan Holo language and Peh-oe-ji. As the attending members for this seminary is no more than 30 people, far less than expected, Rev. Du Chien-sün, Director of PTMTC, issues his pessimistic warning about the future scenario of Taiwan Holo language application within PCT.



Photo by Simon Lin

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Taiwan Church News

3282 Edition

January 19 - 25, 2015

Church Ministry



General Building of Yushan Theological Seminary Is Opened For The 21st Century Aboriginal Society And Church In Taiwan



Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong from Hua-lien




Inside the auditorium of a just accomplished general building, which costs about 240 millions NT dollars, three hundreds people attend a thanks-giving service at 9:00 a.m. on January 15 in the renown Yushan Theological Seminary(YTS). This is a PCT seminary, specially prepared to train seminary student and evangelist for the ministries and service to the aboriginal society.



Rev. Young Chi-sou, former YTS Principal, reminds the faculty and students within his sermon: "[We should] think twice about what is the original purpose of this school? Yes, to cultivate the leaders for the aboriginal society and church! The people we want must be a person with faith and hope, a truth-seeker, a guardian to his people and be willing to serve the community." "Though a magnificent building with advanced hardware and equipment is necessary from an educational point of view, the people engaged in theological education have to ask why we need such a exuberant building?", challenges Rev. Young, "The opening of this beautiful building would be without meaning, if no workers of God could be cultivated and delivered from this school?"



Rev. Kao Chun-ming, also former YTS Principal, points out the spirit of YTS is to put priority the kingdom of God and his justice. Instead of bewildered by a modern building, Kao advice YTS's faculty and students to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with God as written in Micah 6:8. Rev. Lo Ren-quei, Moderator of PCT General Assembly, affirms the efforts of YTS to finish the building in a very difficult budgetary fiance. Rev. Lo gives all the praise and thanks to God, for only can He lead YTS to over all the problems and turn the impossible into life and laughter. Because He is a God with promise, willing to lead YTS in difficult times in order to glorify Him and help people.




Rev. Pusin Tali, current Principal of YTS, thanks for God's unchanging love and promise to make this general building come true, as there has been existed a building project since 20 years before. In order to remind YTS's faculty and students about the spirit of YTS and the most difficult times that YTS had experienced, a wooden cross made of beams and pillars from initial school building is hanged in the auditorium of this general building, says Rev. Pusin Tali. As still many payment of construction fees and interior facilities of this general building are not yet settled, Rev. Pusin Tali also asks all PCT members concerned about YTS to donate or pray for them.




Translated by Peter Wolfe




Preparing for the 21st Century aboriginal society and church, PCT pastors attend an opening ceremony of the newly accomplished General Building in Yushan Theological Seminary on January 15, 2015.

(Rev. Pusin Tali, third in suit from left; Rev. Kao Chun-ming, fourth from left)



Photo by Chiu Kuo-rong


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Taiwan Church News

3282 Edition

January 19 - 25, 2015

Church Ministry



ISECO Pays Her First Official Visit To PCT To Promote Mutual Understanding Between Israel And Taiwan



Reported By Lin Jia-chin



On January 12, under an arrangement by Rev. Lo Lien-seng of Dah-an Presbyterian Church, Ms Simona Halperin, the Representative of Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei(ISECO) pays her first official visit to PCT. Rev. Lyim Hong-tiong, PCT General Secretary, together with his staffs, warmly receives Ms Simona Halperin in the General Assembly Office. To facilitate mutual understanding between Israelite Judaism and Taiwan's Christianity, an initial consensus is reached at this visit: from 2015, both parties will cooperate to hold workshops in the field of pastoral care, invite religious leaders from different faiths to dialogue, and promote tourism to sites with biblical significance.



Ms Halperin says, being affected by the limited information from Taiwan's media, Taiwan society does not has a comprehensive understanding about Israel. And this is the reason why ISECO wish to cooperate PCT, one of the populous Christian denominations in Taiwan, to proceed more religious dialogues and strengthen mutual understandings between Israel and Taiwan. To make a religious dialogue come true between Judaism and Christianity, "Maybe we can invite Christian leaders to join the dinner table with the Jewish leaders in the annual Passover commemoration or New Year Day", says Ms Halperin.



Translated by Peter Wolfe





Warmly welcomed by Rev. Lyim Hong-tiong(third from left), PCT General Secretary, and his staffs, Ms Simona Halperin(second from left) pays her first official visit at PCT GAO to propmote mutual understanding between Israel and Taiwan.


Photo by Lin Jia-chin


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Taiwan Church News

3281 Edition

January 12 -18, 2015





Editorial: A Threefold Cord Of Evangelical Ministry




Standing at this historical timing of 2015, marked as the 150th anniversary of PCT's evangelical mission, we cannot help but dedicate our utmost gratitude and appreciation to the pioneering foreign missionaries who came to Taiwan from the distant corners all over the world. Their devout minds and simple hearts in the faith of the Lord sacrificing their whole life to preach the good news of Jesus Christ deserve our admiration to learn and follow.




Just like Abraham is called by the Lord, "Go from your country and your kindred and your father's house to the land that I will show you.... and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed"(Gensis 12: 1~3), the pioneering missionaries not only brought the good news into Taiwan island but also imported professional expertise and techniques to facilitate the modernization of Taiwan. And these historically ground-breaking ministries laid down a solid foundation for PCT's evangelical mission, transforming our faith into an unbreakable threefold cord: evangelicalism, education and service.




In the same logic, to witness PCT's vision of church: becoming the sign of hope, PCT's Evangelicalism Committee also has a threefold cord ministries to run deep into our church and society. The first cord is to build up the partner relationship among churches both overseas and domestically. Now PCT have 13 overseas missionaries actively engaging with the ecumenically local churches in the field of evangelical or social ministries, regardless of the issue whether local church is Presbyterian or not. Domestically, the partner relationship is encouraged to forge an evangelical cooperation between Taiwanese-dominated urban church and the aboriginal church. And the objective is to plant more urban aboriginal churches to serve the increasing urbanized aboriginals.




The second cord is the One-Lead-One New Doubling Movement with a purpose to increase our membership and enhance the quality of our faithful service. This is an evangelical movement under way and supported by PCT General Assembly with many events, like supporting each Presbytery to mobilize on the missionary ministries, opening seminary to train the disciples, inviting local churches to function as the seed-church and etc.



The third cord is about the scripture reading. Especially, in 2015, PCT has published a brand new quarterly entitled as "SAY YES" for the juvenile, intending to extend the words of Lord into the hearts of our next generations. Hope such important PCT tradition, treasuring the words of Lord, could help our juvenile youth to carry on the service and commitment to Taiwan society.



And such a threefold cord, manifested in ecclesiastical partner relationship, One-Lead-One Movement and the emphasis of scripture reading, will be PCT's guidance in missionary ministry and evangelism. In addition, we can discipline and cultivate our missionaries, patronize our seminary students and evangelists, and expand th frontiers of the kingdom of God.


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