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Taiwan Church News

3381 Edition

December 12 - 18, 2016

Church Ministry


Witnessing Unity, PCT Churches Share Good News of Christmas At Hua-lien City Downtown


Reported by Chen Yi-hsuan


On December 11, the Alliance of Hua-lien Missionary Church held a Santa Claus parade celebrating the Christmas in the downtown of Hua-lien City. Singing the Christmas hymnals along the main streets, many church members preached the good news with gospel tract and wished Hua-lien citizens a happy new year in 2017.

Led by the youth marching in church flags and banners, church members dressed up as Santa Claus proclaiming the good news of Lord Jesus' being born in manger two thousands years ago. At the plaza of Far Eastern Department Store, where the parade of Santa Claus headed for, a musical concert was held with the performances of church choirs, worship bands, and street dances to celebrate Christmas with Hua-lien citizens. In the end this Christmas musical concert, the audience sincerely blessed Taiwan and Hua-lien City with a peace and joy in the famous Christmas hymnal of "Stille Nacht".

Rev Masao Nicar, Moderator of Amis Presbytery, gave his heartfelt praise and thanksgiving to God that Eastern Presbytery, Amis Presbytery, Taroko Presbytery, and Bunun Presbytery could be worked together to engage in this Christmas parade in Hua-lien City downtown. This is a strong witness of unity among the churches, stressed Rev Masao Nicar.

Translated by Peter Wolfe


PCT church members of Eastern Presbytery, Amis Presbytery, Taroko Presbytery, and Bunun Presbytery were called to share good news with Hua-lien citizens via a Christmas parade in Hua-lien City downtown on 11 December, 2016.

Photo by Amis Presbytery



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