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Taiwan Church News

3393 Edition

6 - 12 March, 2017

Church Ministry


Taiwanese Churches and Communities Commemorate 228 Massacre Event Across Northern American Cities


Reported by Chen Yi-fan


In the afternoon on 25 February, a Memorial Service for the 70th Anniversary of Taiwan 228 Massacre was held by Association of Taiwanese Organization in Toronto(ATOT) at Taiwanese United Church in Toronto, Canada.

Mr Edward Chung, president of ATOT, expressed that one of three daughters (Anna, Isabel, and Margaret) of Rev George William MacKay, whose father Rev George Leslie MacKay is the famous Canadian missionary in 19th century's Taiwan, bravely wrote an overseas letter describing the heinous 228 massacre occurred to Taiwan in 1947. Rev George William MacKay had also personally witnessed the brutal killings of the 228 massacre in this great havoc of Taiwan.

In a sober and commemorative mood, wishing the families of the 228 massacre victims can be comforted and Taiwan to march forward to a brigh future, many Taiwanese emigrants and Christians in Toronto area attended this memorial service of the 70th anniversary of 228 Massacre.

In the meantime, many Taiwanese groups across US and Canada cities, including Washington DC, New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Los Angles, Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, and Vancouver, also held memorial services or musical concerts for the 70th anniversary of 228 massacre event.

Translated by Peter Wolfe


Thumb 228 1


Thumb 228 2

New York Taiwan Center held a musical concert to commemorate the 228 massacre event in Taiwan and one of the 228 victims, Mr Wang Ming-kai, on 26 February 2017.

Photos from New York Taiwan Center's website album



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