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Taiwan Church News

3394 Edition

13 - 19 March, 2017

Church Ministry


Tatung Presbyterian Church Cares For Community Environment And The Children Of Urban Aborigines And New Immigrants


Reported by Simon Lin


Quite a small-scaled urban aboriginal church of Paiwan Presbytery, though, a long-term charity of Tatung Presbyterian Church, located in a Hokklo community at Pingtung City, to care for the children of those marginalized families and clean up the community park is very amazing and encouraging.

Tatung Presbyterian Church had engaged in a long-term environmental maintenance of Chang-An Forest Park, which was originally commissioned to Tatung Elementary School, over 10 years since 2007. In the past decade, via mowing the weed, cleaning up the garbage and miscellaneous maintenance etc., over 30 members of Tatung Presbyterian Church offer their indispensable and invisible service to keep this community park in a good shape.

After learning this inspiring story of community park maintenance had been quietly done by the church over a decade, Tatung Elementary School recently decided to subsidize Tatung Presbyterian Church NT$ 8,000 per month and officially signed a contract with the church for the maintenance jobs.

Rev Legean Dutalimau, pastor of Tatung Presbyterian Church, said "For the community we live together is a public space, it is very natural we want to keep it clean and maintain well on the environment. Otherwise, if the community park near the church is dirty and broken, it would be a disgrace to God!".

In the meantime, Tatung Presbyterian Church also decided to help Tatung Elementary School take care of 10 to 15 children of urban aborigine or new immigrant at grade 1 or 2  in the coming semester. Because these young kids, aged from 6 to 7, ordered by the government to stay in the school half-day on each Monday and Wednesday, a very inconvenient timing for their working parents or families to pull out from their factories or workshops to pick them up.

"We will try our best to serve the community", expressed Rev Legean Dutalimau, adding that Tatung Presbyterian Church will absorb the teacher fees and the cost of dessert and meal to care for these kids, especially they were mostly from the families: with grandpa or grandma only, parents with temporary jobs, or marginalized families like urban aborigine or new immigrant.

Seeing many community kids, served by church's meals at dinner time in the past decade, had grown up steadily in good health with righteous characters is the best comfort to our church co-workers, Rev Legean Dutalimau revealed.

Translated by Peter Wolfe


Members of Tatung Presbyterian Church, an urban aboriginal Presbyterian Church of Paiwan Presbytery, offer their best efforts to clean up and maintain the environment of their Hokklo community park - Chang-An Forest Park - at Pingtung City.

Photo by Tatung Presbyterian Church



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