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Home Archives 2012 Q2 [3143] Taiwan Christian Service shines for Taiwan in the international arena
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3143 Edition
May 21-27, 2012
General Assembly News

Taiwan Christian Service shines for Taiwan in the international arena

Reported by Sam Lee

Written by Lydia Ma

Inspired by the efforts of the PCT in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake in Japan where the church sent a team of volunteers to help, Taiwan Christian Service (TCS) will begin offering a series of training classes to help equip people who want to become volunteers. These classes will also provide certification once participants complete the program.

On April 22-28, TCS attended an assembly of the Food for the Hungry International Federation (FHIF) and gave an overview of its work and experiences there. FHIF is a non-profit organization which has become an important means for channeling Taiwan’s resources to the world.

Recalling the history and progress of the TCS as it tried to become a member of the FHIF, PCT General Secretary and TCS CEO Andrew Chang said he was very grateful for the help of Asian Evangelical Missionary Fellowship CEO Rev. Lin Mao-hong in introducing Japan International Food for the Hungry Alliance, which led to FHIF having a meeting in Taiwan in 2005 and TCS becoming a member representing Taiwan. Chang added that TCS represents 15 churches and organizations in Taiwan, such as PCT, Holiness Church, Anglican Church, Lutheran Church, New Life Christian Church Mission, Mackay Memorial Hospital and more.

Earlier in April, TCS General Secretary Tseng Cheng-chih went to South Africa to attend a FHIF Summit where he reported on the work of TCS in Taiwan. He told the audience about a new program run by TCS in conjunction with local churches and church organizations where volunteers were being trained and explained that these volunteers were being trained to care for the physical and spiritual needs of people.

Tseng explained that TCS’s work included providing services akin to those offered by welfare organizations in addition to evangelistic ministries such as outreach because TCS’ vision is that everyone can become a volunteer in this manner.

Referencing a speech made by Dr. Jungsup Chung from FHIF in South Korea, Tseng said that church involvement in volunteer services is one of the ways in which God channels his blessings and increases the number of Christians in a country. He encouraged everyone to focus on how much resources they had to offer to help others instead of seeing how little they had. He also stressed that for organizations that are willing to give, God will surely reward according to his grace and each person’s faith.



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