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Home Archives 2012 Q2 [3144] Churches in Tainan mark Pentecost with prayers for revival
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3144 Edition
May 28-June 3, 2012
Headline News

Churches in Tainan mark Pentecost with prayers for revival

Reported by Chen Yi-hsuan

Written by Lydia Ma

May 27, 2012 was Pentecost and many churches in Taiwan marked this day with prayer as it also coincides with the Global Day of Prayer. Churches in Tainan hoped that the Holy Spirit would strengthen believers and ignite the fire of revival again through their prayers. Churches in other cities across Taiwan also assembled to pray.

The Global Day of Prayer in Tainan was sponsored by Tainan City Christian Council and more than 1,200 people from various church denominations attended this prayer meeting held at Tainan Holiness Church. After a short worship led by the worship team from Bread of Life Church in Tainan, the program began with a 6 minute video presentation. This video was a collage of short interviews with many pastors in Tainan wherein they shared their church’s prayer requests and outlined the challenges they faced in sharing the gospel in their respective neighborhoods. Many pastors cited the prevalence of local shrines and Buddhist temples, the continuing and flourishing practice of folk religion, the emigration of young people to urban areas and the rise in single parenting or children raised by their grandparents because of their parents’ divorce.

The first half of this prayer meeting was presided by Rev. Tang Chung-yung from Hai-An Christian Church. He invited pastors from churches in Hsin-ying and Yongkang districts, as well as pastors leading churches coastal and rural regions to go up to the stage and share their prayer requests. Some of these prayer requests reinforced the prayer requests mentioned on the video presentation.

The second half of this prayer meeting was presided by Rev. Kao Min-jyi from Tainan Holiness Church. He asked all women pastors and pastors’ wives to come forward to be blessed with prayers. Kao expressed his gratitude to these women for their devotion to their own families, as well as for taking care of their congregations, supporting their husbands, and supervising many things in the background so that their husbands could focus on their ministries at the forefront of churches.

Tainan City Christian Council President Rev. Ting Chung-ho said that this meeting was an opportunity to open the spiritual eyes of Christians through prayer so that all may see the flame of spiritual revival in Tainan. He added that this meeting was reminiscent of meetings in the early Christian churches recorded in Acts where people prayed together and were of one mind. He underscored that churches in Tainan needed to remain united and willing to be used as vessels for God’s purposes.



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