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Taiwan Church News
3194 Edition
May 13-19, 2013
Church Ministry News

Washington State Senate resolution praises missionary Doris Brougham for her dedication to Taiwan

Reported by Chiou Kuo-rong

Written by Lydia Ma

Washington State Senate recently passed a resolution to affirm and praise the efforts of one of its native residents in the discipline of English pedagogy in Taiwan. Doris Brougham, a missionary to Taiwan, is also being praised for her instrumental role in promoting a close partnership between Taiwan and Washington State. She is best known for being the founder of Studio Classroom, which has taught English to hundreds of thousands of native Chinese speakers throughout the world.

This resolution, passed on April 24 without any dissenting votes, was supported by 48 state senators and the Lieutenant-Governor Brad Owen. According to information from the Overseas Radio and Television Inc., the bill was first proposed by state legislator Doug Ericksen. It was Ericksen who brought Brougham’s selfless dedication and citizen diplomacy to the attention of his fellow senators. He said that people like Brougham have been instrumental in bringing the State of Washington and Taiwan into close partnership through cultural initiatives that help Taiwan and the State of Washington to better understand each other.

Born in Seattle in 1926, Brougham came to Taiwan in 1951 at the young age of 25, after being forced to leave China due to the Chinese Civil War. She resolved at the time to devote her entire life to Taiwan and to raise the living standard of Taiwanese. She founded Studio Classroom in 1962 and her teaching program was soon published in magazines and aired on radio. It eventually also aired on television. The program’s goal is to increase the English ability of Taiwanese. Brougham later created a scholarship to encourage Taiwanese high school and graduate students to learn English.

The gist of the resolution passed by the State of Washington praises Doris Brougham’s commitment to Taiwan. After recognizing Brougham for her efforts, the resolution states: “Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Washington State Senate, in unison with our friends from Taiwan, honor and congratulate Doris M. Brougham for her unselfish and lifelong achievements and dedication to the well-being, education, and progress of all students young and old in Taiwan and offer their best wishes for a continued happy and fulfilling career and deepest respect and gratitude to Doris M. Brougham.”

The document then adds, “be it resolved, that a copy of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to Doris M. Brougham; Ma Ying-jeou, President of Taiwan; Barack Obama, President of the United States; Jay Inslee, Governor of the State of Washington….”

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle’s Director General Andy Chin and the Overseas Taiwanese Affairs Commissioner Sun Le-yu were both invited to be present at the state legislature when the resolution was passed so that they could witness this historic moment. Sun, who is a Catholic, praised Brougham for her contributions to English pedagogy in Taiwan. He underscored that her contributions in both English teaching and Christian evangelism in Taiwan are laudable.



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