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Taiwan Church News

3205 Edition

July 29 - August 4, 2013

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Today You Wipes Out Dapu, Tomorrow The Government Will Be Torn Down



Reported by Lin Yi-ying




On July 25th, before the Presidential Office, many famous movie directors, actors and singers flocked together, chanting "Today You Wipes Out Dapu, Tomorrow The Government Will Be Torn Down". Protesters included Director Ker Ie-jern, Young Li-jeou, Dai li-jen, Cheng Wen-tan, Chen Wen-bin, Singer Shu Mi En, independent music band Kou Chiou Chin, poet Hon Hon and etc. This is to protest Ma administration's support of Liu Cheng-hong, Magistrate of Miaoli County, in a ruthless demolition of 4 remaining buildings in Dapu village. In the night of July 28th, at the site of demolished Chang Pharmacy, a premiere show was also held to memorize this event. This movie is called " Situation Over", directed by Chang Jin-lin.



Director Ker Ie-jern remarked, though the people in art or culture business mostly engaged with imagination and seldom with real power, yet this time people have to stand out for this event. He angrily rebuked Ma administration for his incompetency. "While Chinese Communist Party still has a central power to respond, current Taiwan's government is totally dysfunctional without any use. This makes local government behaves like a complacent warlord without any constraint!", said Director Ker, "if old saying:'people would revolt to counter bureaucratic oppression' is correct, my only question now is why people still do not take action?" Director Chen Wen-bin stressed that "Today You Wipes Out  Dapu, Tomorrow the Government Will Be Torn Down" is not merely a slogan. It is an action in praxis.



Director Dai li-jen expressed: the recruitment of mass police force to demolish the remaining 4 buildings without mercy by Miaoli County government, and the assignment of 7 or 8 police to arrest those protesting professors and students, all proved that Ma administration is trying to silence the Dapu event in a fascist way. Dai urged the public to learn more about Dapu event through internet. As Dai felt current milieu is similar to the times under martial law, he also wished to shout the slogan and join the movement of  "Tear Down Government" with fellow protesters.



Rev. Ng Tiat-gan, Supervisor of PCT Research and Development Center, lamented that there is only "house" but no "home" existing in the mind of these short-sighted politicos. As these power brokers were only able to understand the idea of "house", they did not have any feeling toward what the "home" means to  people. That's why they dare to wipe out those remaining buildings, while the occupants were leaving to protest at Presidential Office. Regarding the abuse of police force to drag away Professor Hsu Seh-jon and made him bruised, Rev. Ng said: "This is an absolute tyranny! And no doubt it shows the revival of a police state". Ng remarked, it's very sad that the efforts of Taiwan democracy was destroyed by Ma Yin-jeou and Liu Cheng-hon over one night. It is time to stand up against the unjust, and tear down such autocratic government.



Chang Shun-yee, PCT youth, shared her feeling of sorrow for being absent in critical events, especially when she was abroad but something so important just happened inside Taiwan island like the event of Wen Lin Yuan or the 2012 President Election. So, the Dapu event made her felt she could not just sit in front of computer and do the justice through keyboard any more. She decided to leave from Tainan to join the protests with these art and culture folks. "Only work in sweats, or even bleed with blood, with the suffered, are you able to know what kind of suffering those people had experienced", Chang said," Faith is not only limited to what pastors said or what the scriptures had written. Faith requires our personal encounter and engagement if love and justice of God to be realized"!


Translated by Peter Wolfe


Movie Directors, Singers and Artists stood out before Presidential Office to protest Dapu demolition. Banner reads: "Dapu recklessly demolished, Tyranny absolutely to be terminated!"
Photo by Lin Yi-ying


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