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Taiwan Church News

3267 Edition

October 6 - October 12, 2014

Headline News



Taiwan Supports Hong Kong's Occupy Central Movement For Substantial Universal Suffrage and Real Democracy



Reported by Lin Yi-yin



To support HK's Occupy Central democratic movement, many Taiwanese social groups summoned by 318 Student Movement leaders, Lin Fei-fan and Chen Wei-ting, take part in an assembly at Taipei's Liberty Square in the evening of October 1. It is estimated over 10,000 people have attended this demonstration.



Pioneering campaigner or peaceful and non-violent movement in Taiwan, Professor Lin Tse-fu, also attends this assembly accompanied by three PCT officials: Rev. Ng Tiat-gan, Director of R&D; Evangelist Yeh Chin-an of Ecumenical and International Committee; Rev. Lin Wei-lien, Secretary of Church and Society Committee.



Rev. Lin said that a 100% universal suffrage is the basic rights of HK people, it should never be dictated by Beijing's power elite and make HK people running to vote like a squirrel in the cage. Rev. Ng points out the reasons, why HK people are taking on the street, are due to their fury toward the void universal suffrage and the clamp down on the freedom of expression. Ng talk in straight that HK's current situation, "one nation, two system" under China ruling, is a mirror image for future Taiwan. And Taiwan's Ma administration should take a serious thought about her China-inclined policy and practices.



Evangelist Yeh pays his tribute to the prophetic statement of HK Church: condemning police violence and rejecting the empty election of HK chief executive from 2017 on, as such courageous stance by HK people is consistent with PCT's confession of faith: It [the Church] is both universal and rooted in this land, identifying with all its inhabitants, and through love and suffering becoming the sign of hope. PCT will carry on to support and concern about HK's umbrella revolution, says Yeh.



Promoting a famous social action guidance, SELF-LIBERATION: A Guide to Strategic Planning for Action to End a Dictatorship and Other Oppression by Dr. Gene Sharp, Professor Lin Tse-fu urges HK student leaders and social activists to learn from this book as early as possible in order to deliver a holistic strategy to be applied on peaceful action. This book can be free download from website: www.aeinstein.org.



Lin stresses that the strategically planned peaceful and non-violent action, though still could not avoid inevitable threats and dangers, the chance of success is relatively high with low risks. To consolidate the achievements of umbrella revolution and make it blossoms further, Lin earnestly wish HK people would learn such peaceful and non-violent action early and setup some strategies to respond.



Translated by Peter Wolfe


With banner read "Watch For Hong Kong", supporting for HK's substantial universal suffrage and real democracy, over 10,000 Taiwan students and citizens summoned by 318 Student Movement leaders, Lin Fei-fan and Chen Wei-ting, take part in an assembly at Taipei's Liberty Square in the evening of October 1.

Photo by Lin Yi-yin

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Taiwan Church News

3266 Edition

September 29 - October 5, 2014

Church Mnistry



Taiwan Democratic Groups Show Their Support For Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement



Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong



To support Hong Kong's democracy movement, Occupy The Central, several Taiwan's democratic action groups, including CTI Taiwan(Committee for a Workers' International, Taiwan), Taiwan Socialist and Taiwan Association for Congress Transparency Promotion(TACTP), show their protest before Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office at Taipei in the afternoon of September 27.



Wu Wei-chen, representative of Taiwan Socialist, remarks that the cause of this HK umbrella movement is due to an intrusive setup of the so-called "nomination committee" By Beijing to filter the possible candidates for the future HK Chief Executive after 2017. And this is a bleach against the wish of HK people: universal suffrage, citizen nomination and etc. "As a Hong Kong today maybe a tomorrow for Taiwan", said Wu, "This is why we have to stand out!".



A-Kwang, an anonymous speaker for CWI Taiwan, notes that HK under Beijing's "One nation, two system" was threatened to lose her freedom of expression within the event of Article 23 within Basic Law and the so-called Patriotic Education Movement; now HK is afraid to lose her democracy if people can get an empty universal suffrage.



Yeh Ping-ping, representative of TACPT, expresses their reason why they support HK umbrella movement is that Beijing's black-box decision of the future HK Chief Executive is totally against the universal spirit of democratic society: transparency and accountability. Therefore, they support the Occupy the Central an against the authoritarian decision by The National People's Congress of China.



Translated by Peter Wolfe



Members of CWI Taiwan, Taiwan Socialist and TACTP, appealing HK citizens' direct nomination of Chief Executive after 2017, demonstrate against China's manipulative nomination before the Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultral Office at Taipei on September 27.


Photo by Chiu Kuo-rong


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Taiwan Church News

3266 Edition

September 29 - October 5, 2014

Church Ministry



PCT Carry On To Care For The Victims Of Kaohsiung Big Blast on August 1st



Reported By Lin Jia-jin



Chen Jeu-yu, a seriously wounded victim of Kaohsiung big blast on August 1st, was transferred to Neural Regeneration Center(NRC) of Taipei Veterans General Hospitals(TVGH) for further treatment. Through a report from the Church and Society Committee of Ping-tong Presbytery, Rev. Lin Wei-lien, Secretary of PCT Church and Society Committee goes to visit Chen in the evening of September 18th. Next day, Rev. Chen Jia-cherng with his wife, representing Yi-li Presbyterian Church, also go to TVGH to visit the wounded Chen Jeu-yu, and plead with church members to pray and support this positive and forward-looking young girl to stand up soon.



Chen Jeu-yu was a part-time worker in restaurant. In the very big blast moment, 11:56 p.m. close to midnight of July 31st near the crossroad of Wu-chin III Road and San-dor I Road, when she was off-duty and riding motorcycle on the way home, suddenly Chen was blasted up into two-stories high and heavily thrown down like a vase from the sky. Chen lost her consciousness immediately and ran into a comma. Chen's doctor says, if it is not due to her strong will to survive, the chance is dim to wake up from such deadly injuries. Though she is safe now from that most critical condition, Chen still has to face her devastating body injuries and trauma: broken backbone, paraplegic, comminuted fracture in left hand, multi-areas bruise and burns, haemothorax, lung contusion, liver laceration and etc.


As Chen's father passed away early, Chen with her elder sister and younger brother are brought up by her mother alone. Though Chen had not yet confessed her faith as a Christian, her mother, grandmother and aunt are pious Christians. Her aunt is also an elder of Liu-chiu Presbyterian Church of Ping-tung presbytery. Chen's young brother, who quits his job now to take care of her sister full time, welcomes the visit of Rev. Lin Wei-lien. He said, the church's dynamic power shown on a cowboy Sunday service deeply impressed him when he was a young student attending the church assembly first time.



Chen said, after her transfer into rehabilitation ward, she cried over two weeks as the rehabilitation is so hard and full of pain. But, under the encouragement from relatives and friends, she finally could wipe out tears and boost up herself with words: "I am lucky enough to be alive!", "If there is a slight ray of hope, I will insist to carry on!". Though Chen's hospital bed is hanging many folk religion's amulets from her friends, she still ask Rev. Lin to pray for her as she believes something wonderful will fall upon her.



In the mid-noon of September 19, Rev. Chen Jia-cherng with his wife, representing Yi-li Presbyterian Church to visit the wounded Chen and arranged some youth fellows to accompany Chen. In the evening of September 22,  Chiu Su-mei, wife of Rev. Chen Jia-chern, visits Chen again and teaches her the painting of Zentangle in order to release her tension and make her learn her potential capability.



Chiu Su-mei notes in her Facebook, "Today is the first time that Jeu-yu (Chen) experiences the Zentangle painting! She smiles so happily. Carry on, good girl! You must be able to stand up soon! God loves you!"



Translated by Peter Wolfe


Rev. Lin Wei-lien, Secretary of PCT Church and Society Committee, goes to visit Chen Jeu-yu who is seriously wounded and paraplegic-incurred by the Kaohsiung Big Blast on August 1st 2014.


Photo by Lin Jia-jin



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