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Taiwan Church News

3310 Edition

August 3 - 9, 2015

Church Ministry


Sunflower Youth Fellowship Stand By Korean Hydis Workers


Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong


Four Korean Hydis workers, representing hundreds of Hydis Technologies workers layoff by E Ink Holding, a subsidiary of Yuen Foong Yu Group(YFY), had completed their fourth demonstration travel to Taiwan in July. The purpose of this trip was to make public their demands - retracting YFY's plant closure demand - informing Taiwan society about the truth behind this irresponsible layoff. To demonstrate utmost protest, former Hydis union leader Bae Jae-hyoung tragically committed suicide in May after reportedly being threatened with lawsuits by the management of Hydis Technologies.


During their three weeks' stay in Taiwan, four Korean Hydis workers were accompanied by the Sunflower Youth Fellowship(SYF) offering some spiritual support, like posting their campaign records and video images up to internet, or arranging an Sunday service to pray and comfort each other alongside their living tent outdoors. During the service, a hymnal familiar to Korean and Taiwan Christians, "Some people are praying for you", was specially chosen to relieve the home-sick and anxiety for these Korean brothers and sisters in Taiwan.


Chou Hseh-lun, the SYF leader of and a renown documentary director, trans-posted many concerns and statements for Hydis workers on his facebook. He expressed SYF members did concern about these Hydis workers and decided to stand by them.


Translated by Peter Wolfe

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Taiwan Church News

3308 Edition

July 20 - 26, 2015



Hurray For What?


On July 19, Ms Hung Hsiu-chu was finally approved by the national congress of the Chinese Nationalist Party(KMT) as her President candidate in 2016. Except some ex-communicated party memberers protested outside of the congress, there was still loud hurray celebrating the new queen was delivered to carry on waving the flag of "ultimate unification" with China. In the mean time, when this nomination approval news was released by the media, the pro-independence groups also expressed their jubilant hurray, because a landslide victory of Ms Tsai Ing-wen in the impending 2016 Presidential election seemed just around the corner. The movement of Taiwan independence was in a hurray to see the crack of dawn!


As it is strongly felt in Taiwan society that Ms Tsai Ing-wen could easily win this Presidential election, more and more people including prominent Christian leaders started to show their support for Tsai just like "the bandwagon effect" explained. But some other Christians also stood by Tsai, fighting for justice and building a new and independent country, what they have are the determination to suffer in a long period of time. In recent days, it seems that many church leaders, used to be politics-allergic stressing an absolute separation between church and state, start to jump up on the bandwagon to recieve the applauds from the crowd. This scene satirically reminds us the story of Jesus's entrance into Jerusalem with jubilant crowds, imaging their lost fame and wealth would be restored back by this new king.


In the 2016 calendar, printed by Taiwan Church Press, the layout of each month picks one Taiwan fruit to match one fruit of the Spirit indicated in Galatians 5:22-23. For example, "watermelon" is chosen to match "peace", implying that doing anything with a fair spirit, either in private life or in public spheres, would always deliver us blessings of peace. Just like slicing the watermelon halves, better the bigger half is distributed to those who deserve a fair share than to those who always take advantages of others to serve their greed.


Instead of accusing the people, who support Ms Tsai Ing-wen to become our President, have an unfair spirit to harvest the very likely victory and glory, we urge our compatriots hold onto our initial common ideal more critically and persistently. The reason, why we stand by Tsai Ing-wen, is not she is the most likely one to win the impending President election in 2016, but that she is the most capable candidate to fulfill our dream of a new and independent Taiwan country full of fairness and justice! Therefore, we give our utmost hurray and salute to her.


The 2016 Presidential Election in Taiwan is critical for the following issues: Whether the future of Taiwan goes toward more democratic or ruled of law? Whether the distribution of wealth could be more equal? Whether all the illegitimate KMT property could be confisticated and given back to the people? When we prefer to tell the story of "Nathan condemns David", we have to reflect how much we have paid for the arrival of the justice? In the Taiwan Church Press calendar, printed with kinds of "Fruit of Life", olive is chosen to stand for justice as it could be cracked to release oil for lamp. When the flame was kindled by oilve oil, justice would be illuminated and darkness invisible.


Beside the Presidential Election in 2016, the election of congress members is also highly important as it will decide whether the interest of the giant corporations or that of the people will be served. These would-be congress members play the role like the agents of justice. If what we hurray for is a fair and just society, which will be arrived soon but not yet, then we should not care only about who would be the winner(s).

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Taiwan Church News

3308 Edition

July 20 - 26, 2015

Headline News


Youth Members Shared Their Ministry Experiences At The End Of I Love Taiwan Camp


Reported by Simon Lin


From July 15 to 17, after three weeks of missionary event - I Love Taiwan(ILT) - came to an end, youth members from 18 countries and Taiwan volunteer co-workers shared their ministry experiences with booths, short speeches, singing and dancing in William Sia Memorial Youth Camp at Nantou county.


A program, entitled as "Grace via Express", was specially arranged for ILT youth member to write letter back home describing what she experienced in Taiwan, as a reminder that God's grace binding everyone together. In addition, an innovative Eucharist communion combining Hakka's meat pancake and mulberry juice with Taiwanese local banquet culture was held at the closing service.


Rev. Cheng Chun-ping, Secretary of PCT Youth Ministry Committee, expressed to ILT youth members that "eating together" symbolized the hospitality and earnestness among friends in Taiwan culture . So, "when we can eat together in a round table, we become the families, equal and united in Christ", said Rev. Cheng.


Rev. Lai De-ching, Secretary of Hakka Ministry Committee, was invited to host the Eucharist communion. She explained the contextual meanings, why Hakka's meat pancake and mulberry juice were chose instead, referring to Jesus' body and blood. "In this Eucharist communion, we come to encounter the God, the faith and hope, the love and food of the Hakka people. We come to understand mutually, share hospitally, embrace each other promptly by the touch of the Holy Spirit. We are brothers and sisters", said Rev. Lai.


Wei Jung-an, an ILT member for triple attendances and a Canadian Taiwanese from the Evangelical Chinese Bible Church, Burnaby BC, explained the reasons why he repeated came back to attend ILT: because he could always learn different things from visiting different churches in ILT programs. For example, under the warm and generous reception of Bunun presbytery, he came to learn the aboriginal Bunun people he had never contacted since his childhood. In his ILT itinerant journey, he also visited the oldest church - Ku-fon Church - in Jor-shi township; learned what the industry mission was about in Lun-san Church; pestled the millet, climbed the mountains and enjoyed the Pasibutbut(Eight-part Polyphony).


Ominell Osetta Boyce, a youth representative of Guyana Congregation Union(GCU), was sent by ILT to attend the children summer camp of Da-san Church in Taroko Presbytery. She was in charge of teaching English for the children and accompany them. She said that the experience of such cross-cultural mission convinced her the importance of relying on God faithfully as the concept of the contextualized mission became more persuasive to her. Seeing the creative union and energetic power radiated from the youth in the ILT camp, it inspired her to suggest her mother church that a stagnant and lifeless faith must not stand in our way!


Translated by Peter Wolfe



ILT youths present their performance with their countries' dress.

Photos by Simon Lin


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