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Taiwan Church News

3239 Edition

March 24 - March 30, 2014

Head Line News


Calling For Peace And Justice, PCT Condemns The State Violence


Reported by Lin Yi ying and Chiu Kuo-rong


Caused by the government's violent eviction of the protesting students, who abruptly occupied Executive Yuan and stayed there from the night of March 23rd to early morning of March 24th, it was estimated about 100 students and citizens were wounded due to their peaceful but recalcitrant demonstration against the irresponsible insistence of Executive Yuan to push through the bill of Cross-Strait Trade Service Agreement(CSTSA).


At 10:00 a.m. on March 24th , an urgent PCT press conference was hold undaunted in front of the gate of the Executive Yuan. An official PCT statement was issued to condemn such state violence to evict the innocent students and pledged to seek peace and justice for this country. Many PCT pastors had attended this press conference, including Rev. Hsu Rong-fong(PCT General Assembly Moderator), Rev. Ro Jen-guei(PCT General Assembly Vice Moderator), Rev. Sududarda( PCT General Assembly Deputy Secretary), Rev. Lyim Hong-tiong(PCT General Secretary), Rev. Zeng Kuo-chong(Pastor of Just Action Church) and Mr. Tsai Ming-hsein(Former Defense Minister). After press conference, they also went to the emergency department of Mackay Memorial Hospital to pay tribute and care for the wounded students and citizens.


Rev. Lyim Hong-tiong said the cruel measures taken by Ma Ying-jeou regime to evict the people so violently could not be allowed in any democratic state in current world. This is why Presbyterian Church Taiwan had to stand up behind these wounded students immediately. And Rev. Lyim would give his most severe condemnation toward the regime of Ma Ying-jeou(President) and Jiang Yi-hwa(Prime Minister) for such atrocious clamp down.


Reading the official PCT statement, "Condemn the State's Violence, Seek Peace and Justice", Rev. Lyim pointed out that the real cause of this occupation event is the reluctance of Ma-Jaing regime to respond what the students urged: turn down CSTSA and defend Taiwan's democracy from China's Trojan Horse. PCT gives the most severe condemnation on the Ma-Jiang regime's brutal clamp down and violent eviction of the innocent students. As evidenced from various news video and footage, the compulsory eviction by police had gone beyond the proper response of legitimate defense and evolved into a state violence. Therefore, PCT thought Ma Ying-jeou regime should take the full responsibility of this violent eviction, as Ma's stubborn decision to pass CSTSA is not only against the will of Taiwan people, but also anti-democracy hardly won locally and against universal human rights.


Translated by Peter Wolfe


Rev. Hsu Rong-fong, the 58th PCT General Assembly Moderator(the 4th standing from right and holding microphone), leads the staffs of PCT General Assembly and Office to pray that the wounded got healed, the suffered peace, the bumbler wake up and God bless Taiwan before the front gate of Taipei's Executive Yuan in the morning of March 24th 2014.


Photo by Lin Yi-yin


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Taiwan Church News

3239 Edition

March 24  -  March 30, 2014

Head Line News


Condemn The State Violence Of Ma Ying-jeou Regime


Reported by Lin Yi-ying



From the dark night of March 23rd  to the early morning of March 24th, the students protesting in Executive Yuan were finally brutally evicted by the superior police force. Many students and citizens were severely wounded or even blood-shed during this violent oppression from the government.


Regarding this serious result, Rev. Lyim Hong-tiong, General Secretary of Presbyterian Church Taiwan, expressed his deepest sorrow for the wounded people and strongest condemnation to the merciless state violence.


Rev. Lyim remarked, especially when the protesters pledged their stance as peace and non-violence, the police used to pull or separate the protesting audience one by one at most and then sent them away from the conflicting site. But, to everyone's astonishment, police's eviction that night employed the unprecedented brute force, water cannon, shields, batons ad sticks, to disperse the students and citizens who had not even a metal to do their self-defense.


Rev. Lyim lamented, having seen the bleeding students were brutally treated, kicked or stomped by the naked violence of the state, how cruel Ma Ying-jeou regime treats its innocent and peaceful young students!


Translated by Peter Wolfe


Bleeding student, brutally attacked by superior police and SWAT, was evicted from the protesting crowd rallied inside Taipei's Executive Yuan in the deep night on March 23rd  2014.


Photo by Lin Yi-ying

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Taiwan Church News
3236 Edition
March 3  -  March 9, 2014

Editorial: Let Us Think About the S Generation From The Last Fruit of The Spirit


Following the advance of pioneering technology and internet, people are increasingly got used to "grasp" the whole world just within their palms either by smart phone or sliding on the iPad. Facilitated by these new gadgets, people can learn messages from their friends in dynamic movement and have a chat with others simultaneously, even to "stroll on the street" and go shopping within this fashion technique.
So, when you walk on the street, hang around in the public space or queue for public transportation, even waiting for green light at the cross road, you could always see many "Low Head People" sliding their fingers busily on the screen. Sometimes, even when the green light is on, you always can find some automobile just get stuck on your way because that driver is still sliding on the screen. No wonder smart phone or iPad are dubbed "the opium of our age", because too many people get being addicted on them!
Many scholars and psychiatrists urge the public to practice self-control under the impact of The Touch-Screen Generation, which could be abbreviated as "S Generation", otherwise there will be unmanageable bitter fruits for this society to take.
Proverb 25:28 said,"Like a city whose wall are broken down / is a man who lacks self control". Evidently, the break down of a man is due to his lack of self control. If we want to restore our power of life and enhance our creativity of mind, we have to discipline our heart and practice self control. Otherwise, even all we achieve that glitters in front of people, it does not mean it is gold.
In his letter to Galatians church, Paul said " But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law". (Galatians 5: 22~23) Through these verses, we can see the how Paul cherish the idea of self-control, as we are human beings with flesh and desires and we have difficulty to practice self-control. Unless the Spirit could be the source of our self-control(εγκρατεια), leading us to comply the will of God, all the other fruits of the Spirit could be delivered.

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