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Taiwan Church News

3287 Edition

February 23 - March 1, 2015

Headline News




To Practise True Democracy, A Movement of Constitutional Reform Is Launched




Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong




A press conference by many citizen groups for constitutional reform is held in the afternoon on February 10 at the petition room inside Taiwan's congress, Legislative Yuan. Professor Ku Chung-hwa, executive Director of Citizen Congress Watch, which is the chief organizer of this press conference, remarks that Taiwan need to engage an environment mature enough with diverse thoughts and ideas to build up a solid citizen society. Ku says this would greatly enhance Taiwan's democracy, avoiding our efforts to build a nation failed in vain.




Mr Cheng Jien-yuan, representative of New School for Democracy, emphasizes that Taiwan is an exemplary model of democratic development for the Chinese society. So, Taiwan has a very extraordinary duty to convince the Chinese about the treasured values of democracy, human rights and rule of law. "Just like the Republic of Formosa, which is the first republic state on Taiwan island, we need to make a social contract to realize our ideal democracy and become the democracy model for the global Chinese societies," said Zeng.



Against the mindset of a constitutional reform among lots of citizen groups, Mr Zeng Wen-long, Chairman of Taiwan Jury Association and also a renown defense lawyer of former President Chen Sui-bian, proposes that a brand new and independent constitution is required. Zeng says, based on a literal reading, a constitutional reform has to be proceeded under the constitution of the Republic of China(ROC). And this means the Taiwanese after constitutional reform is still reigned by ROC statues. "If Taiwan wants to escape the destiny of colonization by the powers", said Zeng, "we should not play the old game of constitutional reform heading for nowhere, but should draw a new and independent constitution!".



Translated by Peter Wolfe




Alliance of Constitutional Reform, an umbrella organization composed of many Taiwan citizen groups, holds a press conference on February 10th and urges a national conference of constitutional reform to be opened before May 20th 2015.


Photo by Chiu Kuo-rong


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Taiwan Church Press

3285 Edition

February 9 - 15, 2015

Headline News



TransAsia Airway Flight GE-235 Plunge Into Taipei's River Gives A Great Shock Across Taiwan And Worldwide



Reported by Lin Yi-ying from Taipei



At 10:54 a.m. on 4 February 2015, the TransAsia Airways Flight 235, which carried 53 passengers and 5 crew members flying from Taipei to Kinmen, plunged into the Keelung River three minutes after its takeoff from Taipei Songshan Airport. This unexpected accident killed 43 people and left 15 survivors, sending a big shock across the Taiwan island and even worldwide.



As Mrs Jiang Yu-ying, who was instantly pulled out from the crashed plane body with his one-year-old son by his brave husband Mr. Lin Ming-wei, is a mathematics teacher of Tam Kang High School(TKHS) which is an affiliated PCT institute, the Principal, Chaplain and teachers of TKHS immediately went to hospital in that day's afternoon and paid their care and comfort for this family. Rev. Lin Wei-lian, Secretary of PCT Church and Society Committee, also went to hospital to pay his utmost concern and prayer for this family on the next day's morning.


Volunteer workers of Unit 1919 at Chinese Christian Relief Association did their best job to accompany the families of the victims in a pair unit, ie one male and the other female, help the victims' families to apply for necessary support from the government. A saddened Chinese father from Xiamenn, whose daughter was a tour guide for the Chinese tourists in this flight, got a great relief after the volunteer workers' compassionate accompany and sympathetically listened to his story of love and sorrow toward his daughter.



Taiwan's christian churches, across denominations, paid their condolences and prayers for the victims at their Sunday services on February 8. The Catholic church held a memorial and blessing service for the victims on February 5, reading a letter from Pope St. Francis expressing his utmost concern and condolence for the victims and their families.



Translated by Peter Wolfe




Still from a dashcom video, showing Flight 235's left wing clipping a taxi and the Huandong Viaduct, moments before the aircraft crashed into the Keelung River.

Photo by Wikepedia



Rescue workers searches the victims of TransAsia Airway Flight GE-235 in the Keelung River for days after the tragical plane plunge on February 4 2015.


Photo by Zeng Wang-che


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Taiwan Church Press

3284 Edition

Feb 2 - 8, 2015

Headline News




Say Yes To God - Become A Loyal Servant




Reported by Lin Chia-jin





To celebrate the 150th anniversary of PCT's mission in Taiwan, the third missionary conference, entitled as "Become A Loyal Servant", is held from Feb 2nd to 5th at Taiwan Biblical College. About 100 PCT pastors and elders attend this seminar. Rev. John McCall, the stationed missionary from PCUSA, is invited to deliver a keynote speech for this conference. "It is God say yes to us first, then we are able to say yes to God", says Rev. McCall, as each loyal servant responds to God's calling from her/his baptism. In order to witness love and justice of the Kingdom of God, McCall emphasizes that Christian is called by God to start her pilgrimage of faith to enter this world with His Words and Deeds.




McCall says, when many Taiwanese people ask him: why he want to leave USA and come to Taiwan as a missionary?, he always replies: "Before I leave USA, God has 100% loved me. I did not come for he would love me more and special. I come because I want to respond God's love and be obedient to Him". Many Christians used to live and separate a life between the holy and the secular, observes McCall, but the teachings of the Bible show us there is no such difference existed! Christians have to be loyal to Jesus Christ in every fronts of life. McCall reminds the pastors and the elders to live an integrated ecclesiastic life, a good health and a happy family can not be absent from the heavy church ministry.




Rev. Lo Ren-quei, Moderator of PCT Assembly, encourages the participating members to imitate the obedient lives of biblical figures: Maria, Joseph and Paul. For the sake of good news, urges Rev. Lo, we Christians should follow the spirit of Maria, "Let it be with me according to your words!", when the angel declared her destiny; take up the wisdom from the life of Joseph and Paul's ministry when the unexpected troubles occurred: "Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be defrauded?". Rev. Lo reminds the audience that to be a loyal servant starts from an obedient mind to follow our Lord Jesus.




Translated by Peter Wolfe




Rev. John McCall (upper right) delivers a keynote speech on becoming a loyal servant.

Through Open Space Technology(OST), PCT pastors and elders discuss the problems in mission and propose solutions for action in the missionary conference.


Photo by Lin Chia-jin


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